About Stretch-n-Grow

Stretch-n-Grow is the world's largest network of children's fitness professionals. Since the company started in 1992, millions of children have been taught the importance of healthy habits. Our lesson plans are themed, and each week your child will go on a fitness adventure! Not only do we exercise their muscles but we exercise their imaginations!

About Me
My name is Megan Manly, and my parents Bob and Jill Manly founded the company in 1992. I am lucky enough to have grown up around Stretch-n-Grow, and I now have the opportunity to teach the children of St. Petersburg.

Our 30 to 40 minute classes consist of good exercise habits - warm-up to cool-down and conditioning muscles of the entire body. We end each class with a healthy discussion and an EXERciting activity. Children receive a weekly handout that can be colored and shared with parents to keep them informed of the specific exercises. Stickers and stamps are given to the children for working hard, listening well, and just having fun!

About our Mission
Stretch-n-Grow of St. Pete shares Stretch-n-Grow International's Mission:
  • To teach as many children as possible the basics of proper exercise, nutrition, and related health issues.
  • To establish patterns and positive attitude at an early age that will be the foundation for a continuing physical conditioning program and good health.
  • To prepare children for participation in physical education and athletic programs.
  • To provide parents, caregivers, and educators of young children with current information concerning proper exercise, nutrition, and other related issues in an effort to encourage each family to participate in a fitness program.
  • To build a strong, profitable company that operates with integrity and dedication to our mission, our employees, and the families we serve.

In addition, our curriculum was developed under the supervision of an advisory board made up of pediatricians, nutritionists, and educators. All of our exercises comply with the Youth Fitness Guidelines established by the American Fitness and Aerobics Association and American Council on Exercise - the two leading authorities in group fitness today.

What People are Saying

"Stretch-n-Grow has become an integral fitness program at our school. The kids and parents love it, and we're just delighted to see the little ones getting to exercise and learn while having fun!"
- Karen Jenkins

“Stretch-n-grow is an amazing program that brings our scholars fun and educational movement activities. Our coach brings energy, enthusiasm, and faith to the program and we love having her visit with us each week. Our tiny scholars look forward to each new and exciting activity that she leads. We also love that the fee affordable so we can continue to be blessed by the wonderful program that benefits  every child we serve.”
– Diedre, Grace Lutheran St. Petersburg
"Stretch-n-Grow has had a positive impact on the health and fitness of the preschool and school age children at our center for over 10 years. It is a great way to teach our children to establish good eating and fitness habits. This program really helps build a great foundation for a healthy life style. The program is truly worth the investment."
Holly Mcintosh

"The music and energy SNG offers is unmatched to anything I have seen during my 15 years in early childhood! The parents frequently comment that SNG is their child's favorite activity! The newsletters and handouts that go home are educational for the kids and informative for the parents." 
Tina Pickens
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